Are you for real?
I’m sure you might be saying, “What! Are you kidding me?”

I get. Even if my home is a bit close to this, I would have agreed with that statement 👆

It’s just recently that Nigerians started realizing the importance of interior design in houses, offices or workspaces, hotels, event centers, and even churches. By recent, I mean it took a while before we adopted it from the Western world, but it has been here and it’s getting more and more needed.

Two to three centuries back, if you spoke to a man who just had a new building in Nigeria about interior design, he would carry stone to chase you out 😂😂😂
Not really. That never happened that way.
But the interior design was not in their plans.

As the clean water we drink, the delicious food we eat, the beautiful clothes and shoes we put on, and even the great cars we drive are very important to us, that is how interior design should become a vital part of our lives.

Interior design in my country was neglected. Even the skill isn’t something that is taken seriously at all.

But I’m sure when you viewed that image, something in you wished to have it.
Even when you want to take a picture and you spot one correct house, by the way, you will surely use it for the background. Isn’t?

You have to understand that the world is moving so fast and you have to move along or you will be left behind.

Interior design is primarily a physical/environmental representation of your inner life. The interior design of your home or any other space, tells the story of your life.

Interior design affects our mood, and our ability to be more creative and productive. It is all about all things creative. It goes beyond this, but you need to know the basics.

Think about this. The beautiful sky, trees, flowers, animals, sea creatures, oceans, mountains and so much more. That is what is reflected in interior design.

The Western world saw how important the beauty of the earth is and creatively thought of ways to inculcate it into our homes, offices, and other spaces. They saw how important it is to our maximum productivity.

They did this through interior design. Now, you understand why a young man who sits or stays in such wonderful interiors will come up with an idea that shocks the world.

Interior design has a special way of awakening your creativity. That’s why the next place, be it a house, office, restaurant, or hotel you build or are moving into, make sure you call on an interior designer to do the splendid work for you according to your taste.

That is the only way, the average typical Nigerian home will look exactly like that 👆
Come on! Let’s start a revolution!!!


While scrolling through, the beautiful interior design of this house made you pause to view it, right?

The elegance, balance, and emphasis are so captivating you wish you could spend your entire life in such a wonderful space.

Everyone desires a great interior. No matter how big or small the space may be. If you take cognizance of your surroundings, you would want that. So many, if not everyone desires to have a space that is neat, beautiful, and full of elegance.

Every sane human being will never be comfortable in a place where there is no neatness and elegance.

I am sure you wouldn’t want that.

But looking closely at the image above, do you notice anything missing? No right?
I’m sure you’re wondering what else could be missing in a perfectly designed space like this.

Do you know what’s missing? The Person.
Yes! The One who put this room together.
Behind every elegant interior or every interior design is a Creative Designer.

Just like the earth we live on today. It’s so beautiful, yet we sometimes tend to forget the One who put the earth together for us to enjoy.

Every single magnificent and awesome interior design came out through a creative designer. Come on! Would you have paused to glance at the image if it wasn’t distinctively exceptional?

But do you know that not everyone can do that perfect work you see up there? You see, it’s a lot of hard work to be creative. And it also that’s quality time to come out with something this great.

That’s why not all spaces can be this elegant.

Do you desire an elegant space like this?👆
Have you forgotten there are creative people as interior designers in our world? Who is capable to put your desired interior for you?

For your distinct elegant interiors, make sure to contact an interior designer today!
If you didn’t know, let me tell you… They are everywhere!!!


Do you wonder why wisdom has been crying out? Are you curious why she’s still calling to you and even me till now?

Well… It’s Wisdom. What else do you expect from her? She knows her Worth and won’t give up. Of course, backing out isn’t even close to her thoughts.

She knew she was created by the Mighty One to help men become the best versions of themselves. So, why think she will stop. She knows that she was with the Almighty when He was forming man, why will she stop trying to make man see his worth?

Have you considered the reason she’s at the marketplace place calling the simple ones and even the little ones?

Wisdom is everywhere. Wisdom is everything. Even the simplest things, even in the meaningless things, Wisdom is expressed.

Are you at home and don’t even know why you are here on earth and that thought burdens you most times? It’s Wisdom calling you.

Are you on the streets seeing the activities of the marketplace and you are curious if that’s all man was born to do? To labour and die? That’s Wisdom crying out to you.

Do you look at the wrongs maybe at home, in school, your place of fellowship, at work or even public places and wish you could be of help or to correct the wrongs? Now, that’s Wisdom beckoning you.

Do you look at the helpless, the disabled, the weak, the orphaned, and desire to be of help to them? Haha! Wisdom is happy cos she’s caught your attention.

Do you do wrong and feel sorry for what you did? Do you see others do things to their detriment and wish you could tell them the truth? Do you see the need to be there when you don’t even know why? I tell you, Wisdom’s got you right there.

Wisdom, she is the Higher calling.

She’s calling out on the streets, by the way side all who see no meaning to life, so she could give them a defined meaning.

She’s crying out to the hard-hearted, so she could soften them and open them up to the numerous possibilities available to them.

She’s calling out in front of the city gates the weak, the broken-hearted, those who may have given up and even those who already believe in mediocrity unknowingly, so she could make them full of Value and priceless.

Ohh!!! It’s Wisdom and she’s crying out!!!

Wisdom is really in doing the simple things. Wisdom is in seeing meaning in the meaningless things. Wisdom is seeing use for the useless things.

Wisdom is indeed everywhere.

Will you give heed to her call? Don’t let her pass you by. You will be the one to cry out to her next time.

So, while she cries, answer her and you won’t have to cry out to her again.


“For the earth will be filled with the Knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.”

So many places we see and others yet to be seen that the Mighty Creator used His creation to explain His magnificence to us. His works are too numerous to be numbered, too awesome to be described and to magnificent to be wondered at.

He does great things past finding out, yes, wonders without number.

With just His words He birth everything into place and nothing seems to be missing. Everything is fitly in place. He didn’t just create the universe. He designed a cosmos that cannot be erased. He designed a universe that has been engraved in eternity. It may fade away but it will not be forgotten.

When I behold His awesome works, I can’t help but wonder. It’s beyond my comprehension, it’s beyond man’s comprehension.

For my GOD is the King from ages past, working salvation in the midst of the earth.

For in doing this, I know it’s my worship. It’s my sacred incense to Him.

Yes!!! Admiring the wonder and beauty of creation and recognizing the One who made them, it’s an unresistible form of worship that the Creator cannot outlook.

For He knows that you know that He has done wonders past finding out. Go ahead and admire nature. The sea, the animals, numerous plants, birds of the air and all the wonders around you. You are doing something magnificent.


Have you ever thought of how the earth would look like without nature? That is without the trees, the beautiful flowers, animals, even the sky and the seas.

Oh…how wonderful thinking on the beauty of nature. How would it look like without them?

I remember when our Creator at the beginning did something incredible. He saw how empty, how void and how ugly and uninviting the earth and also the universe at large was, and not good in anyway.

And He did His incredible work. He made the firmament, which when we look up, it’s so breathtaking. He made the seas, hmmm…so magnificent with the different species of fish in it. He made the numerous plants and flowers, which we admire and some we use for food. Then there are the different types of animals.

When our Creator was done, He saw that everything He made was Good. GOD added beauty and colour to this void world.

That’s the beauty of the inner vessel. Have you seen how it would have been like without all these the Creator set in place on earth for us? I don’t think I would like to live on earth, if that’s how it will be like. What about you?

There’s so much embedded in nature that our minds cannot fathom. It’s splendor is what still draws God’s Presence to dwell on earth in a man and with us as human beings.

And that is also the reason man has through his intellect tried in time immemorial till today to inculcate nature’s beauty into the house. They do it to add beauty and colour to the home.

Imagine a house without beautiful handcrafted sofas of different sizes and colours which are made from trees (nature), or even a house without textures and tones, or even without beautiful flowers and plants that is known to aid oxygen. Imagine a house without colour, just vague. How will it be like? How will it feel like?

Going through this adventure with my imagination, I can’t dare to think how those in the early ages lived without all these beautiful things.

Nature is so beautiful that it had to come into the house.

Every single element of nature feels good and gives a warm feeling too.

Be grateful for nature today and always. It has great benefits in our lives. It is the beauty of the inner vessel.


Have you ever felt left out before? Like you just don’t belong or fit into a certain group or class. Have you felt so odd? That nothing seems to match for you or that nothing seems to come even for you?

Well… For me, it has always (well, not always per say, but most times), been so for me.

Now, here it is. You find that most times or sometimes, we find ourselves in places, families or even beliefs that contradict what our heart desires.

When I say ‘heart desires’ I mean your passion, purpose, gift or talent. So, we are forced to go into what does not give joy or brings the happiness we desire.

Like a young man who loves dancing or singing will be forced to read medicine and become a doctor, because they believe that’s what will bring the money.

Or a young lady will be asked or even forced to learn tailoring or make-up because it is what every other lady is doing and is bringing money for them.

But is that what should be? For me, I believe it is not what should be!!!

When I was coming up, I noticed one thing about myself… what’s that? You may ask. I love arranging and organizing spaces. It sounds weird right? Yes! I was and still think I am still odd. I say so because most of my contemporaries (ladies to be precise) are not into this.

When I say ‘into this’ I mean they are not mad about it the way I am.

So you see a lady that loves cooking, baking, fashion, make-up, singing or even dancing. But what?! There is hardly anyone who loves organizing or designing spaces like I do especially within! I feel like a bean among a cup of rice.

Do you know how that feels? I’m sure you’ve experienced it one way or the other.

This is so odd, especially for the African and even the Nigerian culture and beliefs.

That everything is wrong with a lady who doesn’t know how to cook, bake, sew or even make-up. Don’t get me wrong please, it’s very good, even great to learn all that and know how to do them well.

But if it’s not your passion, if it’s not what gives you joy and brings happiness, will you keep on doing it? Now, tell me, will you?

Just because it brings you money does not mean it will last. You can’t keep on doing it because you were asked or forced to do so and you want to please everyone. Everyone is happy but are you?

I took the bull by the horns and resonated to go for what I want, for what gives me joy and brings happiness.

If every lady is cooking, if every lady is baking or sewing or doing make-up, then who will keep to the organization and of the home and environment the other ladies claim to be working on?

I see that it is not only the responsibility of women to cook, to do laundry, to bake or to sew; but also their responsibility to see to the neat and arranged spaces in the home and even work places.

Today, I stand to say that I’m proud to be odd because there’s nothing wrong with that. If my Creator intended for the bird to swim like the fish, then He would have placed it in the sea and not on air.

That’s the exact same thing with you and I. We are humans but never wired to love the same thing. Though, some of us will have similar likes, our passion is not exactly the same.

I speak to you (especially ladies) dare to stand out! Wake up! Take courage and be bold to stand up. Be odd, you will be extraordinary. Do what makes you happy first, for in doing that the money will follow.

This is my story, my passion and I am not afraid to do everything no matter what it may cost me, to achieve my heart’s desire and get the happiness I want. I hope you do the same?