Focal Point in Interior Design

What is a Focal Point?

A focal point, to quote the dictionary, is “a point at which two or more lines or planes converge”. The definition doesn’t get any more specific than this. The term is used to describe the purpose of an interior design project, especially one with a special focus. We will see what types of focal points there are and how they can be used in your interior designs.

A focal point is the main object or feature that’s emphasized in an interior design. It’s the center of attention and shines out from not only the room itself but projects through it. Focal points can give your home a new look and feel. If you’re ready to transform your home into something incredible, then look no further than these guides on how to create a focal point in interior design.

A focal point is an element that draws attention and helps to accentuate the texture of a space. Use out-of-this-world elements in your home as focal points to create a specific look. Focal points are usually found in nature, such as trees or rocks, but can also be an artistic piece, like a painting hanging on the wall.

The focal point is a term used in interior design, architecture, and decorative arts to describe the “most important feature of an interior. It is a point around which many other elements revolve.”

Types of Focal Points

Primary Focal Point: This is the main focus of your room. It’s usually something that catches your eye when you walk into the room. For example, if you’re designing a home office, then the desk is most likely going to be your primary focal point. You want to make sure that it stands out and looks good so that people will want to sit at it and work there all day long.

Secondary Focal Point: These are things that are close by but don’t take up any space in the room itself. They could be bookshelves or bookends on either side of an entertainment center or credenza; they could even be decorative pillows on couches or chairs instead of cushions; they could even be lamps on tables instead of wall sconces or chandeliers hanging from above them.

Tertiary Focal Point: These are created by architectural features during the process of building the house or that structure. They could be the fireplace or windows.

Why is a focal point necessary in a space?

Focal points in interior design are an important part to make a room look more attractive and appealing. They add a touch of elegance and splendor to the room, making it more interesting for the visitors.

For people to take interest in space, there must be something that attracts their attention and makes them look around the room more often. This includes having objects placed on higher platforms or having different types of materials used for the walls, floors, and other parts of the house such as furniture or accessories.

The main reason for having focal points is to create movement in your space, which helps make rooms feel larger and less claustrophobic. When there are no focal points, it feels too small and tight; when there are many, it feels too big and open.

Items Used as Focal Points in Interior Design

The use of certain art objects is a great way to add interest to your home. They can be found in many different styles, and are perfect for accenting any room. Here are some of the most popular focal points for your home.

Wall hangings such as:


Mirrors are one of the most popular items used in homes today because they can add a sense of character and style to any space. Mirrors can be hung over a fireplace, on an antique dresser, or placed on an end table in front of a sofa or chair. They can also be hung above a bed or desk to create a dramatic effect.


Artwork adds character and interest to any space. There are so many different types of artwork that you can choose from when decorating with art pieces such as paintings, sculptures, and photography prints.

Furniture such as:

Sofas, tables, and chairs

These pieces of furniture add life to a space. It may be in the living room, kitchen, dining room, or bedroom. Wherever they are used make sure to place them in a place that stands out. Like where there is light so that it can make the furniture show well.

Another way is to pick a color of that furniture different from the color scheme of that space. Like in your living room, the color of the other chairs may be grey but the curved sofa will be turquoise blue. You have created a focal point. Because that is what the eyes will notice when they enter your space.

Considerations For Creating a Focal Point in a Space

Creating a focal point in your home doesn’t simply mean choosing one thing and making it the most prominent feature of your space. It means choosing from among several options and choosing carefully. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Size: The larger the area you want to fill with your focal point, the more important it will be for you to choose wisely. A small table might not make much of an impression on visitors, but it could be satisfying to look at when you’re alone in your living room during quiet moments.
  2. Location: Where should this thing go? If you have limited space, it’s probably best to avoid putting it against a wall unless it’s really big and bold — otherwise, people may walk right by without seeing it at all. But if there is plenty of wall space available, consider placing your focal point on top of an accent wall (which creates depth) or behind something else so that it doesn’t compete with the wall itself for attention.
  1. Think about what you want to happen when people walk into your space. Is it about the conversation? People watching TV? Looking at books? Consider what activities will take place in your living room and decide how much space needs to be devoted to them (and how much more can be added). In other words, don’t just fill up every square inch of floor space with chairs — leave some open space so guests can easily move around without bumping into one another while they’re sitting down.
  2. Decide on color schemes and decor pieces that will draw attention away from each other by using different colors or textures (for example, glossy paint on one wall and fabric on another wall). This will help separate them so they don’t become too similar looking.
  3. Your personal style. This is the most important. Create a space that soothes your taste so that you will always find and have comfort in that space. After all, you are the one who will spend most of the time in that space. So, when creating a focal point, choose something convenient for you and yet will catch the attention of your visitors. It may be a color, piece of art, furniture, or something special to you. Just ensure to make it your style.

Importance of Focal Point in Interior Design

A focal point is the most important element in interior design. It is what makes a room feel complete and offers a visual focal point for visitors. It can be as simple as a window or as complex as an entire room, but the most important thing is to create one that your eye will always go toward first.

Focal points are key to making your space feel larger than it is. When you have multiple rooms, each with its focal point, you will have a space that feels much larger than it is. You can even add additional focal points in other areas of your home if you want something different from your main living area.

In Conclusion…

A focal point is a focal point that can be used as a point of interest in interior design. It’s the focus of attention, and it draws people in.

As you’re planning your home’s interior design, choose one or more items that will be the focal points of your space. In other words, choose just one item that you want people to notice when they enter your home.

To find out what works best for your home, consider these factors:

– What do you like? If you like traditional furniture and decor, then stick with it. If you prefer modern furniture and design, go for it!

– How do people react to this item? Does it make them feel comfortable or uneasy? Do they like it or hate it? Is there any rhyming potential with this item’s name?

– Who are the people who’ll use this room? Are they children or adults? Will they be spending much time in this area of the house?


Revealed: How Colors Affect The Growth And Productivity Of Your Business

Color(s) is what we see every day as human beings. What is so significant about it that they can affect the growth and productivity of your business?

Do you know that the type of colors you use for your business will determine the number of customers you attract and retain, thereby enhancing the growth and productivity of your business?

Follow me closely.

Color is defined in so many ways by different people, giving it numerous meanings. This confirms what Riley Johnson says that ‘color affects our visuals and perceptions’.

However, the color is hue. And hue is defined as the composition of visible light. Color brings beauty and it adds meaning to a space and our environment.
Try to imagine a world without green plants, a blue sky, or even a pretty colorful peacock.

According to research conducted by Professor Richard Wiseman on Colored documents and black and white documents. 30% of the colored documents were more eye-catching than the black and white documents. This, made customers demand more colored printed documents than black and white printed documents.
Also, employees were 25% more productive when they were given a task to carry out with colored documents than with the black and white documents.

At a conference on the psychology of color, Riley Johnson spoke about color extensively and how they are transferred to the brain. This is known as the ‘hypothalamus’. She says that the hypothalamus is what affects different functions in our body such as sleep and behavioral patterns, appetites and metabolism and body temperature, and so on.

This further explains why Coca-Cola uses red as its brand color. Red stands for energy and strength positively. And McDonald’s uses mainly yellow for their brand color and red as the background. Yellow stands for optimism and happiness. Based on research, yellow with red is known to stir appetite in people. A combination of them is orange. Orange is known to arouse appetite.

From there, you can see how these companies leverage their understanding of colors to attract and maintain customers of all sorts.
You can do that too.

What type of color does your brand have? Is it aiding the growth and productivity of your business? With your understanding of colors, how will you use them to drive growth and productivity for your business?

3 Ways To Leave An Organized Space As A Student

Being a student especially one in Nigeria can be tasking and demanding. A lot of things calling for your attention and these things are important.

Attending lectures and trying to fulfill the demands of the stomach, attending to the duties of your teachers (assignments), and doing your laundry. All these and more calling your attention and sometimes it is not easy having or leaving an organized space.

However, it is very possible. Do you want to know?
Here are three ways you can leave an organized space as a student even if you are in a hurry.

1. The ‘night before’ principle.
This principle states that “before going to bed, put together your cleaned and ironed clothes and shoes, your books or notepad together for the next day in a neat and separate side of your room, to be quick and sharp when going to school.”

All you have to do here is, think about the clothes and shoes you want to wear the next day so you do not wake up and scatter your wardrobe or box searching for clothes. Also, the books you studied before going to bed, ensure you close and put them in the appropriate place(s).

2. Get up and fold.
What is the first thing you do after getting up from bed?
Well, the first thing to do is to fold your blanket (s), keep it aside, remake the bed, and put the folded blanket back on the bed.

Have you noticed that when the blanket(s) on a bed in a room are not folded, the room tends to look a bit messy even though other things are arranged in the room?
Although, when the blanket(s) are folded, it makes the room organized, and sometimes, other things in the room may not be in place, yet it looks arranged.

Try it and you will see!

3. Arrange everything.
After your shower and dress up, prepare and eat breakfast; one or two things may not be in place again in your room. You should know them. All you have to do here is to put them in place, quickly and immediately.

This is not where it ends for you to have that organized space before going to school. However, only the registered students will get the remaining two first-hand tips to have an organized and attractive space as a student.

Until you see more, stay tuned!

The 2022 Interior Design Style That Best Suits Your Home

Over the years, even centuries, people have used their creativity to come up with different interior design styles for homes, offices, hotels, and other enclosed spaces based on their functionality.

Research shows that these design styles go with human temperaments. This means that a melancholic or a sanguine has a design style fit for each temperament type.

In the world of architecture and interior design, there are over fifteen interior design styles. However, the one that will be looked at shortly is the best and at the top of the 2022 interior design trends.

I’m sure you want to know what it’s like, come along.

Zen Interiors.

This on its own is not an interior design style per se. I will say it’s a general name given to the combination of two or more interior design styles.

Such styles could be Japandi and Minimalist interior design styles.

However, the Zen Interiors originated in Japan. It consists of soft colors, natural materials, clear space, and natural light.

Zen Interiors concentrates on creating harmony and feelings of relaxation, balance, and peace using furniture and architecture.

Wholly, zen-inspired interior design is completely about creating an environment of peace, as Architect and Lightning Designer, Zahira Cury puts it.

Japandi interior design style focuses on the ‘Wabi-Sabi’ concept. The Wabi-Sabi idea places emphasis on the significance of finding beauty in imperfection, motivating a renewable manner when decorating our homes.

Minimalist interior design style speaks of possessing the important things for everyday life. Things such as minimum furniture, less decoration, and clean and vague rooms.

P.S. View the pictures below to have a visual representation of the Zen Interiors.

As you can see, from both styles, soft lines such as clean-cut textures, earthly tones (warm and friendly), clean space, minimalist architecture nature, few standard pieces/furniture, etcetera; bring forth a sense of peace and relaxation.

Pick this as your home’s interior design style and enjoy the beauty and essence of your home. It covers your needs such as bringing a sense of tranquility and comfort. It adopts nature into the home. And that is what everyone is looking for.
It is the best.

Go for it and you will thank me.

Two Exceptional Abilities (Skills) That Makes You Qualified For Interior Design.

Everyone desires a clean, organized, and welcoming space or environment. Only a few go the extra mile to create that organized and attractive space they want.

The are people you may have seen who naturally make sure their beds are made straight with the blankets folded properly. Others make sure their drawers and cardboards are arranged neatly.

This kind of people knows when you shift a thing of theirs from one place to another. They will just know 😅

You may even be among these types of people I’m talking about.

Here are two distinct qualities that automatically make you fit for interior design. Follow me, you will know shortly.

Firstly, you enter into a space, like a sitting room or a bedroom, or even an office and immediately your eyes meet the objects in that space, your imagination awakens and you rearrange and picture a better way those objects could be placed.

You are creative!
Everyone is creative in different special ways and that’s a way you are creative. Your mind through your imagination is birthing a novel thing out of what has been in existence.

Secondly, you pay attention to the littlest of details. Details like natural elements, colors, sounds, lighting, and effects. Even details such as arrangements of the kitchen cabinets or room drawers or the books on the bookshelf.

You are sensitive and, as said, you give attention to details around you!
It is a sign you are made to do interior design.

These skills may be known and even possessed by many. But what will make you excel and stand out is the ability to not only recognize them but to horn (putting it to useful work for the benefit of others) them. They are only known and performed by experts in this field.

Do you have any of these two skills/abilities? It means that learning interior design will be a work over for you.

Two Unquestionable Reasons Nigeria Needs Interior Designers to Boost Its GDP.

Interior Design is the act of using one’s creative and organizational skills to bring life to any enclosed space.

Interior design is a major skill in our world today. But do you know that this skill has been left at the corner in Nigeria? There’s more, come with me.

Did you Know…
The Western world today is not only thriving due to their depth of knowledge and information, intelligence, competence, or even excellence; But also to their promptness to see and embrace high-tech skills such as interior design and put them to work?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 61,970 vacancies available for interior design professionals and this covers 2.4% of their employment RSE (Relative Standard Error)?

According to a Plus TV Africa interview with Tracy Nwapa(Creative Director of Interior Culture by Obiageli), about two years ago. She spoke about Nigeria not quite there when it comes to the operation of Interior Design on an international scale.

Now, looking at this skill of interior design, it requires a high level of organization skills and also creativity; which are the top skills needed, apart from communication, passion, and others.
It is said that in a population of say, 300 people, 2.5% of them possess these top skills.

If in the Western world, interior design is contributing a great deal to its GDP, how much more does a country like ours.

Firstly, Nigeria needs interior designers to match the rising demand for interior designers in the nation. Yes, this is very true. The rich amongst us, as well as the middle-class, have come to see and know the importance of an interior designer’s work in their newly built houses.

Secondly, Nigeria needs interior designers to boost its GDP. This cannot be overemphasized. The results of the US Bureau of Labor show us everything. Interior designers contribute a great deal to the GDP of their nation and they are utilizing it wisely. If we do the same in the country, it will birth the same results. Not only that, bountiful job opportunities will come out of this skill.

Finally, I will like you to also know that the millennials are hiding because they think that interior design cannot be learned and practiced in Nigeria. They have the gift or the passion for it, yet they cannot express it. There are numerous creative and organized persons out there and if taught, they will be able to practice this skill and help in the growth and development of this country.
This one is the grassroot of the point above.

In conclusion, Nigeria needs to open her eyes to the various opportunities placed before her. There is an institute of Interior Design in Nigeria and the young ones coming up who are passionate about design do not have to hide, they can go and learn interior design.
We need more creative, organized, and well-communicators in our nation.

Are you creative, this way, do you take note of the littlest details? Are you so organized in everything you do? It may be that interior design is your passion. Then, you will need to visit an interior design institute.

What Is Interior Design?

Interior Design: What It Is And What It Is Not

One way or another you must have heard the words ‘interior design’ or ‘interior decoration’ or ‘interior designer.’

It is not new to you.

However, do you know what it means? Well, you may know, you may not. But let’s just look at what interior design is to better your knowledge about it and give you clarity about everything interior design.

The first thing that pops up on Google search when you type “What is Interior Design?” Is…

Interior Design is the art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building?

I won’t agree with this definition 100%. This is because the interior design and interior decoration have something similar. That is creativity. Interior design is the first step in bringing creativity and aesthetics to a space while interior decoration is the last step to bringing creativity and aesthetics to a space.

So, how can interior design be the process of designing the interior decoration of a room, when you haven’t even done anything to the space after the completion of construction? I don’t know if you understand what I’m saying.

Let’s see another definition.

Interior Design is the science of understanding behaviors to help property owners create a functional room within a building, including the shapes of a room’s walls, floors, and more. -Academic Degree| New School

I can agree with this definition to an extent. I don’t know about you… what do you think about this definition?

Yes, you have to understand exactly the style of your prospective clients to be able to produce a space that is conducive and comfortable to them or their taste. But the science part makes me feel a bit off. Yes, though science is involved, I won’t say it’s a complete science.

To give a better understanding, let’s see another definition. Although, this definition is not a definition per se. It’s the purpose of interior design. But I like it as a definition because it fully explains the meaning of interior design.

According to Credo…. The purpose of interior design is about creating the most efficient layout to make the most of a room’s potential in terms of use and aesthetics while taking into account the characteristics of the space and style desired.

This purpose says it all. This is what interior design is about. I mean I have no words to say or add to these words.

What else is interior design if you don’t bring flavor, color, and meaning to a space? The part “while taking into account the characteristics of the space and style desired” is very important. This is where the client comes in.

Let’s look at one more definition before I give you mine and let you go.

IIDA defines interior design as the professional and comprehensive practice of creating an interior environment that addresses, protects, and responds to human need(s).

Well, this definition makes it sound as though you have to go to a school setting to be able to be an interior designer. Although you must be certified to practice as an interior designer, you must not have that as a priority.

I say this because, if interior design is a passion, you can start from where you are. On a scale of 1-10, interior design is a passion that later becomes a profession. I mean for most interior designers I know including myself.

If I will define interior design in my own words. I will agree with Credo’s purpose of interior design and add few words to it.

Interior design is the art of bringing life, beauty, comfort, and color to a space to fit the desired style and taste of the owner.

I leave you with this. Till next time.

Exactly the Interior of an Average Typical Nigerian Home

Are you for real?
I’m sure you might be saying, “What! Are you kidding me?”

I get. Even if my home is a bit close to this, I would have agreed with that statement 👆

It’s just recently that Nigerians started realizing the importance of interior design in houses, offices or workspaces, hotels, event centers, and even churches. By recent, I mean it took a while before we adopted it from the Western world, but it has been here and it’s getting more and more needed.

Two to three centuries back, if you spoke to a man who just had a new building in Nigeria about interior design, he would carry stone to chase you out 😂😂😂
Not really. That never happened that way.
But the interior design was not in their plans.

As the clean water we drink, the delicious food we eat, the beautiful clothes and shoes we put on, and even the great cars we drive are very important to us, that is how interior design should become a vital part of our lives.

Interior design in my country was neglected. Even the skill isn’t something that is taken seriously at all.

But I’m sure when you viewed that image, something in you wished to have it.
Even when you want to take a picture and you spot one correct house, by the way, you will surely use it for the background. Isn’t?

You have to understand that the world is moving so fast and you have to move along or you will be left behind.

Interior design is primarily a physical/environmental representation of your inner life. The interior design of your home or any other space, tells the story of your life.

Interior design affects our mood, and our ability to be more creative and productive. It is all about all things creative. It goes beyond this, but you need to know the basics.

Think about this. The beautiful sky, trees, flowers, animals, sea creatures, oceans, mountains and so much more. That is what is reflected in interior design.

The Western world saw how important the beauty of the earth is and creatively thought of ways to inculcate it into our homes, offices, and other spaces. They saw how important it is to our maximum productivity.

They did this through interior design. Now, you understand why a young man who sits or stays in such wonderful interiors will come up with an idea that shocks the world.

Interior design has a special way of awakening your creativity. That’s why the next place, be it a house, office, restaurant, or hotel you build or are moving into, make sure you call on an interior designer to do the splendid work for you according to your taste.

That is the only way, the average typical Nigerian home will look exactly like that 👆
Come on! Let’s start a revolution!!!