Community requires commitment.

Only the Holy Spirit can create real fellowship between believers, but He cultivates it with the choices and commitment we make.

It takes both GOD’S power and our effort to produce a loving christian community.

  • Cultivating community takes honesty. When conflict is handled correctly, we grow closer to each other.
  • Cultivating community takes humility. Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking more of others. Humble people are so focused on serving others, they don’t think of themselves.
  • Cultivating community takes courtesy. Courtesy is respecting our differences, being considerate of each other’s feelings and being patient with people who imitate us. The fellowship of the church is more important than any individual.
  • Cultivating community takes confidentiality.
  • Cultivating community takes frequency.

Fellowship requires an investment of time.


  1. We will share our true feelings(authenticity),
  2. Encourage each other (mutuality),
  3. Support each other (sympathy),
  4. Forgive each other (mercy),
  5. Speak the truth in love (honesty),
  6. Admit our weaknesses (humility),
  7. Respect our differences (courtesy),
  8. Not gossip (confidentiality), and
  9. Make group a priority (frequency).

DAY NINETEEN… THINKING ABOUT MY PURPOSE. POINT TO PONDER: Community requires commitment. VERSE TO REMEMBER: 1st John 3:16. QUESTION TO CONSIDER: How can you cultivate today the characteristics of real community in your small group and your church?🤔🤔🤔

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