Have you been in the midst of storms before?

Have you been in the midst of turbulence?

“When your faith and allegiance to GOD still stands in the midst of the turbulence, then you are counted worthy to be strong.” -Helen Yahaya.

Life is a series of storms. The journey of life has turbulence as obstacles.

Everyone in one way or another, at different times and places has gone through storms, has been through turbulence. Well, I don’t know and I can’t tell what your storm may be or what turbulence you may have gone through.

Some have gone through the storm of the grieve of loosing a loved one. Others have gone through the turbulence of lack and want. Others may be the storm of sickness and diseases. Some also the turbulence of depression and confusion.

What storm have you experienced?

What was your reaction to the storm, what is your reaction to the turbulence of life?

I felt I was strong and I had courage to be still in the storm and face the turbulence without fear. Until I was in it, real. I saw pain but I couldn’t feel it, I was in confusion but didn’t find peace, I was frustrated and weary but I was out of solutions.

Oh…I was perplexed and I really wanted to be still.

The tears, the wailing didn’t do it at all. I really wanted to be still.

Then I knew that it was beyond all that. It takes knowing and finding GOD to be still in the midst of the storm and turbulence.

I looked and I found Him. And then I was still.

Have you known Him? Have you looked for Him? Have you found Him. Your stillness and peace in the midst of your storms or turbulence is only guaranteed when you find Him, when you see Him.

And sometimes I wonder, why do we have to go through storms? Why do we have to face turbulence?

It’s so we could see and find GOD. Yes! Alot of things take our attention that it is only when it becomes a storm that we begin to look for Him. So that’s why we have to go through storms, because we would find Him there.

When we do find Him, He calms the storms and eases the turbulence.

For me, I will keep praising Him in the storm so I don’t miss Him again. For in that I know I will be still forever!

Have you found Him? Then keep praising Him and you will be forever still.

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