It’s A New Month!!!

Happy New Month!!! The joy that comes with a new month. It’s just like that of a new year.

But this time around, it’s the second half of 2021. Have you achieved alot you set to do for this year? Or you are lagging behind?

Remember I started the summary of “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. I stopped at chapter thirty, right? Yeah I did.

I will not continue with the remaining ten chapters for now. All I need you to do is go through the chapters and work on the part you haven’t worked on. Do all you can to put everything to work. It’s worth it.

Let’s work hard to achieve our goals for the year. There’s a different kind of joy and happiness that comes with fulfilling a set goal or objective. Work, and fill your life with fulfillment.

GOD finds satisfaction in our satisfaction, so take action. Put that idea to work and you will become a wonder to your world.

Review, write, plan and work out your written plan.

Have the most fulfilling second half of the year.

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