Life is a sea of uncertainties.

One key thing that we must be aware of, is that living comes with alot of uncertainties.

We are brought into this world unsure about what may happen to us. We are not clear of what will take place and also of what will not take place.

Every single moment we have lived and still live is by faith.

One is born, everyone celebrates the birth of the new born, but no one has a clear knowledge of the future of that child. No one knows what may happen next and no one is certain if that child will make it or not. It’s the faith in conjunction with the uncertainty of life that amazes me.

I don’t know if you understand what I’m saying?

We are 100% unsure about what may take place the next moment, we are unsure about our future, we are unsure if we are ever going to be successful, we are unsure about the day we will leave this world… But yet, we keep living, we keep working, we keep moving.

Numerous events in life are uncertain but yet we live life unaware of one single secret full of power and that is ‘faith’.

Know that it’s our knowledge of this secret that makes us become certain in this unsure life and world.

We all don’t have a clue of our future, we are all unaware of what may or may not happen next and if we will be successful or not. But what makes us different is our belief.

Have you realised that power in you? Have you activated faith in your life??🤔🤔🤔

What do you believe in?🤔🤔🤔

Life comes with alot of doubts, yes! We cannot deny that. It’s just an information. The fact, the truth and what makes you different and powerful are your beliefs.

It’s your belief that makes you step out and move on to carry about the day’s activities… It’s your belief that makes you begin school and finish well… It’s your belief that makes you start that business and then you become a success… It’s your belief that makes you take the next step without falling and it’s your belief that causes you to lie down and sleep knowing that you will wake up the next day.

The uncertainties in life has forced man to have faith that he is not even aware of it’s potency.

Begin to live life with certainty, with confidence in what you have-faith.

It’s the only force that will make you a winner against uncertainties in this world.

And because we desire to become successful and great people, we must be aware of what we carry and begin to put it to work.

It is only through faith that we can be certain that we will defeat the uncertainties in life.

Reactivate your faith!!!


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