The Oddness of Passion

Have you ever felt left out before? Like you just don’t belong or fit into a certain group or class. Have you felt so odd? That nothing seems to match for you or that nothing seems to come even for you?

Well… For me, it has always (well, not always per say, but most times), been so for me.

Now, here it is. You find that most times or sometimes, we find ourselves in places, families or even beliefs that contradict what our heart desires.

When I say ‘heart desires’ I mean your passion, purpose, gift or talent. So, we are forced to go into what does not give joy or brings the happiness we desire.

Like a young man who loves dancing or singing will be forced to read medicine and become a doctor, because they believe that’s what will bring the money.

Or a young lady will be asked or even forced to learn tailoring or make-up because it is what every other lady is doing and is bringing money for them.

But is that what should be? For me, I believe it is not what should be!!!

When I was coming up, I noticed one thing about myself… what’s that? You may ask. I love arranging and organizing spaces. It sounds weird right? Yes! I was and still think I am still odd. I say so because most of my contemporaries (ladies to be precise) are not into this.

When I say ‘into this’ I mean they are not mad about it the way I am.

So you see a lady that loves cooking, baking, fashion, make-up, singing or even dancing. But what?! There is hardly anyone who loves organizing or designing spaces like I do especially within! I feel like a bean among a cup of rice.

Do you know how that feels? I’m sure you’ve experienced it one way or the other.

This is so odd, especially for the African and even the Nigerian culture and beliefs.

That everything is wrong with a lady who doesn’t know how to cook, bake, sew or even make-up. Don’t get me wrong please, it’s very good, even great to learn all that and know how to do them well.

But if it’s not your passion, if it’s not what gives you joy and brings happiness, will you keep on doing it? Now, tell me, will you?

Just because it brings you money does not mean it will last. You can’t keep on doing it because you were asked or forced to do so and you want to please everyone. Everyone is happy but are you?

I took the bull by the horns and resonated to go for what I want, for what gives me joy and brings happiness.

If every lady is cooking, if every lady is baking or sewing or doing make-up, then who will keep to the organization and of the home and environment the other ladies claim to be working on?

I see that it is not only the responsibility of women to cook, to do laundry, to bake or to sew; but also their responsibility to see to the neat and arranged spaces in the home and even work places.

Today, I stand to say that I’m proud to be odd because there’s nothing wrong with that. If my Creator intended for the bird to swim like the fish, then He would have placed it in the sea and not on air.

That’s the exact same thing with you and I. We are humans but never wired to love the same thing. Though, some of us will have similar likes, our passion is not exactly the same.

I speak to you (especially ladies) dare to stand out! Wake up! Take courage and be bold to stand up. Be odd, you will be extraordinary. Do what makes you happy first, for in doing that the money will follow.

This is my story, my passion and I am not afraid to do everything no matter what it may cost me, to achieve my heart’s desire and get the happiness I want. I hope you do the same?

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