The Beauty of the Inner Vessel

Have you ever thought of how the earth would look like without nature? That is without the trees, the beautiful flowers, animals, even the sky and the seas.

Oh…how wonderful thinking on the beauty of nature. How would it look like without them?

I remember when our Creator at the beginning did something incredible. He saw how empty, how void and how ugly and uninviting the earth and also the universe at large was, and not good in anyway.

And He did His incredible work. He made the firmament, which when we look up, it’s so breathtaking. He made the seas, hmmm…so magnificent with the different species of fish in it. He made the numerous plants and flowers, which we admire and some we use for food. Then there are the different types of animals.

When our Creator was done, He saw that everything He made was Good. GOD added beauty and colour to this void world.

That’s the beauty of the inner vessel. Have you seen how it would have been like without all these the Creator set in place on earth for us? I don’t think I would like to live on earth, if that’s how it will be like. What about you?

There’s so much embedded in nature that our minds cannot fathom. It’s splendor is what still draws God’s Presence to dwell on earth in a man and with us as human beings.

And that is also the reason man has through his intellect tried in time immemorial till today to inculcate nature’s beauty into the house. They do it to add beauty and colour to the home.

Imagine a house without beautiful handcrafted sofas of different sizes and colours which are made from trees (nature), or even a house without textures and tones, or even without beautiful flowers and plants that is known to aid oxygen. Imagine a house without colour, just vague. How will it be like? How will it feel like?

Going through this adventure with my imagination, I can’t dare to think how those in the early ages lived without all these beautiful things.

Nature is so beautiful that it had to come into the house.

Every single element of nature feels good and gives a warm feeling too.

Be grateful for nature today and always. It has great benefits in our lives. It is the beauty of the inner vessel.

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