It’s Wisdom and She’s Crying Out!!!

Do you wonder why wisdom has been crying out? Are you curious why she’s still calling to you and even me till now?

Well… It’s Wisdom. What else do you expect from her? She knows her Worth and won’t give up. Of course, backing out isn’t even close to her thoughts.

She knew she was created by the Mighty One to help men become the best versions of themselves. So, why think she will stop. She knows that she was with the Almighty when He was forming man, why will she stop trying to make man see his worth?

Have you considered the reason she’s at the marketplace place calling the simple ones and even the little ones?

Wisdom is everywhere. Wisdom is everything. Even the simplest things, even in the meaningless things, Wisdom is expressed.

Are you at home and don’t even know why you are here on earth and that thought burdens you most times? It’s Wisdom calling you.

Are you on the streets seeing the activities of the marketplace and you are curious if that’s all man was born to do? To labour and die? That’s Wisdom crying out to you.

Do you look at the wrongs maybe at home, in school, your place of fellowship, at work or even public places and wish you could be of help or to correct the wrongs? Now, that’s Wisdom beckoning you.

Do you look at the helpless, the disabled, the weak, the orphaned, and desire to be of help to them? Haha! Wisdom is happy cos she’s caught your attention.

Do you do wrong and feel sorry for what you did? Do you see others do things to their detriment and wish you could tell them the truth? Do you see the need to be there when you don’t even know why? I tell you, Wisdom’s got you right there.

Wisdom, she is the Higher calling.

She’s calling out on the streets, by the way side all who see no meaning to life, so she could give them a defined meaning.

She’s crying out to the hard-hearted, so she could soften them and open them up to the numerous possibilities available to them.

She’s calling out in front of the city gates the weak, the broken-hearted, those who may have given up and even those who already believe in mediocrity unknowingly, so she could make them full of Value and priceless.

Ohh!!! It’s Wisdom and she’s crying out!!!

Wisdom is really in doing the simple things. Wisdom is in seeing meaning in the meaningless things. Wisdom is seeing use for the useless things.

Wisdom is indeed everywhere.

Will you give heed to her call? Don’t let her pass you by. You will be the one to cry out to her next time.

So, while she cries, answer her and you won’t have to cry out to her again.

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