Exactly the Interior of an Average Typical Nigerian Home

Are you for real?
I’m sure you might be saying, “What! Are you kidding me?”

I get. Even if my home is a bit close to this, I would have agreed with that statement πŸ‘†

It’s just recently that Nigerians started realizing the importance of interior design in houses, offices or workspaces, hotels, event centers, and even churches. By recent, I mean it took a while before we adopted it from the Western world, but it has been here and it’s getting more and more needed.

Two to three centuries back, if you spoke to a man who just had a new building in Nigeria about interior design, he would carry stone to chase you out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Not really. That never happened that way.
But the interior design was not in their plans.

As the clean water we drink, the delicious food we eat, the beautiful clothes and shoes we put on, and even the great cars we drive are very important to us, that is how interior design should become a vital part of our lives.

Interior design in my country was neglected. Even the skill isn’t something that is taken seriously at all.

But I’m sure when you viewed that image, something in you wished to have it.
Even when you want to take a picture and you spot one correct house, by the way, you will surely use it for the background. Isn’t?

You have to understand that the world is moving so fast and you have to move along or you will be left behind.

Interior design is primarily a physical/environmental representation of your inner life. The interior design of your home or any other space, tells the story of your life.

Interior design affects our mood, and our ability to be more creative and productive. It is all about all things creative. It goes beyond this, but you need to know the basics.

Think about this. The beautiful sky, trees, flowers, animals, sea creatures, oceans, mountains and so much more. That is what is reflected in interior design.

The Western world saw how important the beauty of the earth is and creatively thought of ways to inculcate it into our homes, offices, and other spaces. They saw how important it is to our maximum productivity.

They did this through interior design. Now, you understand why a young man who sits or stays in such wonderful interiors will come up with an idea that shocks the world.

Interior design has a special way of awakening your creativity. That’s why the next place, be it a house, office, restaurant, or hotel you build or are moving into, make sure you call on an interior designer to do the splendid work for you according to your taste.

That is the only way, the average typical Nigerian home will look exactly like that πŸ‘†
Come on! Let’s start a revolution!!!

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