Two Unquestionable Reasons Nigeria Needs Interior Designers to Boost Its GDP.

Interior Design is the act of using one’s creative and organizational skills to bring life to any enclosed space.

Interior design is a major skill in our world today. But do you know that this skill has been left at the corner in Nigeria? There’s more, come with me.

Did you Know…
The Western world today is not only thriving due to their depth of knowledge and information, intelligence, competence, or even excellence; But also to their promptness to see and embrace high-tech skills such as interior design and put them to work?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 61,970 vacancies available for interior design professionals and this covers 2.4% of their employment RSE (Relative Standard Error)?

According to a Plus TV Africa interview with Tracy Nwapa(Creative Director of Interior Culture by Obiageli), about two years ago. She spoke about Nigeria not quite there when it comes to the operation of Interior Design on an international scale.

Now, looking at this skill of interior design, it requires a high level of organization skills and also creativity; which are the top skills needed, apart from communication, passion, and others.
It is said that in a population of say, 300 people, 2.5% of them possess these top skills.

If in the Western world, interior design is contributing a great deal to its GDP, how much more does a country like ours.

Firstly, Nigeria needs interior designers to match the rising demand for interior designers in the nation. Yes, this is very true. The rich amongst us, as well as the middle-class, have come to see and know the importance of an interior designer’s work in their newly built houses.

Secondly, Nigeria needs interior designers to boost its GDP. This cannot be overemphasized. The results of the US Bureau of Labor show us everything. Interior designers contribute a great deal to the GDP of their nation and they are utilizing it wisely. If we do the same in the country, it will birth the same results. Not only that, bountiful job opportunities will come out of this skill.

Finally, I will like you to also know that the millennials are hiding because they think that interior design cannot be learned and practiced in Nigeria. They have the gift or the passion for it, yet they cannot express it. There are numerous creative and organized persons out there and if taught, they will be able to practice this skill and help in the growth and development of this country.
This one is the grassroot of the point above.

In conclusion, Nigeria needs to open her eyes to the various opportunities placed before her. There is an institute of Interior Design in Nigeria and the young ones coming up who are passionate about design do not have to hide, they can go and learn interior design.
We need more creative, organized, and well-communicators in our nation.

Are you creative, this way, do you take note of the littlest details? Are you so organized in everything you do? It may be that interior design is your passion. Then, you will need to visit an interior design institute.

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